Flight of Fantasy Challenge

So I’m a pretty avid fantasy reader. 41/90 books I read in 2014 was fantasy.

I think I read too many fantasy novels and as a result, I miss some of the critically acclaimed novels.  If I were just reading for pleasure, this would be okay but I’m a YA librarian.  Because of my job, I need to be informed about all genres so that I can recommend good books to my teen patrons.  I have found that I have a tough time with reader’s advisory (book recommendations) if a teen asks for humor or realistic fiction.  I would like to recommend more than John Green, Eleanor and Park, I’ll Give you The Sun, Just One Day, We Were Liars, and Andrew Smith.  These are all great books/authors, but my knowledge of realistic and romance and humor is pathetic and I want a broader inventory of non-fantasy novels.

So I’m going to create a reverse goal.  41/90 isn’t even half, you say. Well, if you count the fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction together, it would be 66/90.  That’s not enough contemporary, historical fiction, romance, urban lit, humor, or graphic novels.

My reverse goal is to not read more than 30% of my total number of books for 2015. I’ll read as many fantasy as I want but when I begin to notice that it’s more than 30%, I’ll read more contemporary/historical fiction/graphic novels/etc.

My Goodreads goal for 2015 is 91 books so my Flight of Fantasy goal is 27 books.

I’m on the right track! My first book for 2015 was historical fiction! Mad Wicked Folly

Fantasy to Total Books Read Ratio 30/73

1.  The Sin-Eater’s Daughter

2.  A Court of Thorns and Roses

3.  The Wrath and the Dawn

4.  Darker Shade of Magic

5.  Girl at Midnight

6.  Orphan Queen

7.  Winner’s Curse (reread)

8.  Cuckoo Song

9.  Novice

10. Legacy of Kings

11. Beastly Bones

12. Six of Crows

13. Truthwitch

14. Queen of Shadows

15. The Rose Society

16. Ink and Bone

17. The Shadow Queen

18. Frozen Tides

19. Winter

20. The Impostor Queen

21. Rebel of the Sands

22. Assassin’s Heart

23. Sword and Verse

24. Shadowshaper

25. Passenger

26. Blackhearts

27. Fantastic Beasts

28. Girl From Everywhere

29.Into the Dim

30. Shallow Graves

No more than 22 books would have been my goal but that didn’t happen so I failed.  After November, I basically went through withdrawals and went nuts with the fantasy.


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