Dread Nation

dread nation

Dread Nation

By Justine Ireland

Genre: Science Fiction

Publication Date: April 3, 2018


The year is 1880 and slavery has kind of ended in the traditional sense but blacks and native Americans are now forced to enter combat schools to learn how to fight zombies.

Our main character is Jane who is a sassy bi-racial zombie killing machine that takes no shits from anyone.  This book has all the fixin’s, Katherine a snooty student who is passing as white, Jackson a sexy hustler/sexual harasser, a racist sheriff, and a corrupt mayor. Our trio lives and trains in Baltimore and their only future of becoming personal bodyguards for “rich white folks” is not something they are looking forward to until they are abducted and forced to fight zombies in the new hope for America-Kansas.

Dread Nation is what I like to call a book that has all bones and no meat.  There’s a solid idea but it’s basically bunch of events, zombie attacks, in-between a bunch of nothing.  This book is contingent on world building because this is a new world.  Post Civil War America is different than what we know because of zombies so there needs to be some solid world building BUT because this book is written in first person where Jane talks to the reader, the entire world is info dumped.  When you have a first person POV, your world building options are limited.  I looked through my personal library of fantasy and almost all of them are third person with the exception of Kiss of Deception that relies on interludes of old texts for world building.   With Dread Nation, all we get is the old south with their plantations and zombies.  Then they go to the old west where there’s a brothel, a church, and a saloon, and zombies.  That’s not world building; that’s all old west movies.  If that’s what Ireland is going for, relying on the reader’s preconceived ideas of the old south and the old west, why did this book need to be 464 pages?

Ireland tried to do something with the Katherine Jane relationship where they start off as enemies but it ended up being nothing new or special.  Jane is an okay character as far as her sass but she’s also smarter than everyone else in the room and that got annoying.  A racist who constantly calls the blacks darkies does not a villain make.  We expect the corrupt white sheriff to be racist but what else about him makes him evil? There were several white villains like this and it got repetitive.

This is really just a book that contain themes and storylines that we’ve all read a bunch of times.  There’s nothing new here which is a shame because it’s an interesting idea.

Bang Bang Review bombbomb 1/2