The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotic

strange fascinations

The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotic

By David Arnold

Genre: Contemporary

Publication Date: May 22, 2018

Bang Bang Review

OMG, where to begin.

I consider myself to be an intelligent person who can usually understand books but I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THIS BOOK WAS TRYING TO DO.

First of all the MC Noah is not the most likable character and I think he is supposed to be.  He’s written as this insightful deep thinker but he comes across pretentious asshole who doesn’t have time to be bothered with petty high school problems because his brain is full of Thoreau.  And then there were chapters all about him and how he thinks-OH GOODY, THERE’S MORE TO READ ABOUT THIS ANNOYING BOY. His best friends are trying too hard to be cheeky and cool but they fall flat.  Among the three serious conversations they have, they rest of it is just stupid observances and dumb pop culture debates.

This book is in the category of teens-don’t-talk-like-that.  I mean all of them “talk like that” including his twelve year old sister.  It says she’s in the eighth grade but her behavior is that of a fifth grader but then they say she’s twelve.  I work with teens everyday and an eighth grader is thirteen/fourteen.  This girl did not behave like the was about to go to high school.

The only good bit was the story Philip told about his brother.  I would have rather read that book.

I know this sounds bad but I feel like Arnold is trying to write like John Green.  He seemed to be trying too hard with this book.  Arnold is a talented writer and he has a lot to say; I just wish he would pick one topic and tell that story.  I just found this book meandering and boring and all about a MC that I didn’t like.  I honestly don’t know any teens who could stick with it.

Bang Bang Rating: bombbomb